Item #37046 Millennium Tarot. Dorothy Simpson book artist Krause, text Marina Dubois.

Millennium Tarot

Marshfield Hills, MA: Viewpoint Studios, 2008. The Millennium Tarot is a modern adaptation of an ancient method for gaining insight into one’s life. The 78 card deck focuses on the choices you have made in the past, the consequences in the present and the possible outcomes in the future. The images are by Dorothy Simpson Krause. In the accompanying 98 page booklet, Marina Dubois gives the normal, mundane and reversed meanings for each of the Major Arcana cards. Marina also interprets the Minor Arcana and suit card meanings, gives instructions for the use of the deck and discusses the history of the tarot. Printed in India by Sudarsan Graphics. In fine condition. In gold color mesh bag. Measures 4.75 x 2.75 inches. OCCULT/011724. Fine.

Item #37046

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