Book Arts Baltimore

Book Arts Baltimore (BAB) is an informal partnership among several Baltimore-area institutions supporting a common goal: celebrating artists’ books and book arts. Through exhibitions, courses, and programs offered in 2015–17, BAB fosters connections between local universities, museums, libraries, and the wider public. Our activities include encouraging new course development and cross-registration across campuses, championing dialogue among exhibitions, and putting shared ideas and resources toward joint public programs, including speakers, symposia, and workshops.

The seed project for BAB—a course at Johns Hopkins (2016) and a resulting exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art (2017)—is being made possible in part by a grant to JHU’s Program in Museums and Society by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Beyond this initiative, partner institutions give students the opportunity to curate public exhibitions of artists’ books, create their own book arts, and explore the history, materiality, and archaeology of the book. BAB celebrates the art of the book past, present, and even future.

** 2021 update ** Goucher College is now hosting the website for Book Arts Baltimore. View their site here:

Participating Institutions

Goucher College
Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Loyola-Notre Dame Library
Loyola University
The Walters Art Museum