Item #35582 Tarot From Cyberia. Béatrice Coron, writer Mick Stern.
Tarot From Cyberia

Tarot From Cyberia

New York: Béatrice Coron, 2022. One of 99 copies. An inventive set of cyber related tarot cards from artist Coron and writer Stern. There are 22 cards plus a card with the user manual that describes how the set can be used. The instructions state: "For MEDITATION, you can study the vanities and follies of humans nature. Please see the 1440 AD OS. For DIVINATION, you must be certified to read the hidden meanings of fate. Please contact a magus, shaman or warlock for instruction and apprenticeship. For all other purposes, such as paradigm shifting, game changing, inventing the future, and causing disruptions of all kinds, we make no guarantees. You AGREE not to hold this tarot deck liable for any surprises."

The cards are boldly printed in black, orange, and yellow. Each card has a black skeletal figure that illustrates the term on that card, e.g., online wanderer, hacker, influencer, gamer joystick, cyber security, troll. Each card is 3.3 x 2.16 inches. The deck is housed in a white box that is signed and numbered by Coron. Drawn in Illustrator and printed by Moo. In fine condition. PRI/051622.

Item #35582

Price: $150.00