Item #36703 [Colonial Maryland Eight Dollar Bill]
[Colonial Maryland Eight Dollar Bill]

[Colonial Maryland Eight Dollar Bill]

Annapolis: A.C. and W. Green, 1770. An interesting and uncommon piece of early Maryland currency. This $8 bill was issued in Annapolis on March 1, 1770. It is signed in ink by Robert Couden and John Clapham, two Annapolis government and political officials. The serial number is 9117, also written in ink. The bill was printed by Anne Catherine Green, wife of printer Jonas Green and an early woman printer herself in Annapolis, and her son William. The bill is browned with a bit of light chipping. Small closed tear along bottom, and there is clear tape along a crease or closed tear running down the middle. There are ornamental designs on both sides and the Sparrow seal is printed on the front of the bill. This seal first appeared in 1765 on the title page of the Reverend Thomas Bacon's compilation of the Laws of Maryland, and until 1793 it ornamented printed editions of the session laws of the Assembly. Carved on a wood block by Thomas Sparrow, ward and employee of the Annapolis printer, Jonas Green, the Sparrow seal bears the Latin motto "Crescite et Multiplicamini," which means "Increase and Multiply." Very good condition. Measures 2.5 x 4.75 inches. EPHEM/072423. Very Good.

Item #36703

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