Item #35444 Vaccinations Save Lives - Broadsided. Starshaped Press, Jennifer Farrell, book artist and printer.

Vaccinations Save Lives - Broadsided

Chicago: Starshaped Press, 2021. 1 of 50 copies. Printed as part of the Project Chicago campaign - which involved working with the Design Museum of Chicago to invite artists to help spread the word about getting vaccinated. The project called for only digital art, but the Starshaped Press decided to create a set a of limited edition posters that encompass the elements of Chicago - from its buildings and gardens to its neighborhoods, with a message to consider both self, family, and community. This poster is not only intended to promote the Covid-19 vaccine, but all vaccines. It is a reminder of the good work that these shots do. Letterpress printed in 7 colors on recycled white card stock. Proceeds from sales benefit Heartland Alliance and Howard Brown Health, two Chicago based organizations working hard to get vaccines to marginalized populations of the city. Size: 14 inches square. Fine.

Item #35444

Price: $100.00