Money Book. Emile Goozairow, book artist.
Money Book
Money Book

Money Book

Moscow: Emile Goozairow, 2016. Emile Goozairow is a Russian artist who paints and draws, produces movies, and creates exceptional miniature handmade books that are printed on rare types of paper and published in limited editions. His techniques create unique designs that often are made with natural materials alone or in combination with relief decorations made from metal or polymeric clay. He creates books that he describes as "pop up," “kinetic carousel," “liporello” or “3D origami.” He also writes fairy tales, stories and mystical scenes.

The Money Book is an inventive and unusual miniature book from Emile. The book consists of old Soviet bank notes from 1961 in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25 rubles. The binding is painted in red, orange, and green acrylic on canvas. A small coin is affixed to each cover, and the book is held closed by a brown cord that attaches to a button. When the book's "pages" are turned, the rubles open up in the form of "paper mills" or "paper flowers." In fine condition. Measures: 65x40x20 mm. ARTISTSB/102021.

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