Leavings. Anne Covell.


San Diego: Anne Covell, 2017. Paperback. Number 9 of 20 standard copies. There were also five deluxe and two artist copies of this beautifully conceived and executed work. Anne Covell is a book artist and hand papermaker living in San Diego, CA. She has studied Asian and Western papermaking techniques with Timothy Barrett, and has taught for numerous professional organizations including the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory, Penland School of Crafts, and the University of Georgia study abroad program in Cortona, Italy, among others. Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be seen in a growing list of private collections, special collections libraries, and museums worldwide.
In her colophon Anne writes: "I first became interested in the Japanese beetle in 2012 during a particularly hot and dry summer in Iowa City. Perhaps it was a result of the season or of my having moved to a new home ripe with some of the beetle's most preferred foods, but I became overwhelmed by its pervasive, relentless assault on my garden. As the summer wore on, I began finding leaf remains gathering at the bases of trees...as if it were fall. Their presence was out of place; out of season. But when I began to look more closely, what struck me was the beauty of form that the beetle had inadvertently left behind. Starved of oxygen and drained of color, these leaf skeletons would soon crumble and return to the earth. But, for a moment they existed between realms and reflected a loss that spoke to the complexity of the natural world."
The book contains 12 folios of 100% Japanese Gampi hand-dyed with persimmon tannin and treated with konnyaku to mimic the sound and texture of withering foliage. The illustrations of leaves, berries, and twigs were letterpress printed from drawings by Anne. Housed in a stiff brown paper envelope, with paper handmade, hand dyed, and hand burnished with persimmon tannin by the artist. Measures 4.5 x 10 inches. Fine condition. ARTISTSB/010421.

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