Jeanne Baret: The Woman Behind the Naturalist

San Francisco: Gazelle and Goat, 2018. Number 20 of 40 copies. Signed and numbered by Rhiannon Alpers, the book artist. Rhiannon has been a book artist, maker of paper, and bookbinder based in San Francisco for almost twenty years. She is fascinated by structures and boxes, and much of her work is focused on nature. This beautifully designed and executed book is emblematic of Rhiannon's artistic interests and aesthetics. She writes of her book, which was inspired by author Glynis Ridley: "When Jeanne Baret stepped on-board the Etoile ship in 1766, she didn’t set out to be the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. Alongside her colleague, accomplice and lover, Philibert Commerson, she took on many roles during the expedition as a botanist, herb woman, nurse, and cataloger of the more than 630 specimens they brought aboard. This limited edition artist book traces the expedition of the first woman to circumnavigate the globe, through the lens of the botanical discoveries she made along the ship’s journey. Jeanne Baret was not able to document the expedition herself, due to the forbidden nature of her passage on this journey, but her legacy has inspired many, and spurred the creation of this book." The book has a removable magnetic spine binding that opens completely back-to-back, with a digitally produced specimen chart hidden within. Hahnemuhle Bugra Fawn folio maps are letterpress printed from polymer plates, adapted from French expedition maps from the published logs “Voyage Autour du Monde par la Frégate du rio la Boudeuse et la Fluté L’Etoile.". Crane’s Lettra Ecru 90lb specimen folios letterpress printed from linoleum blocks and polymer plates. Plant outlines are laser cut and secured with Japanese tissue. Laser cut specimens were adapted from the original plant specimens collected by Commerson and Baret on the expedition, archived in the Museum of Natural History in Paris. Interleaved vellum sheets with macro photography by the artist laser printed on Neenah UV Ultra II. Spine bound with Gmund Bier Paper [colophon]. In fine condition. Measures 8.25 x 9.5 inches. Unpaginated. ARTISTSB/072419.

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