The Maps of Piri Reis. Bo Press Miniature Books, Pat Sweet.

The Maps of Piri Reis

Riverside, CA: Bo Press Miniature Books, 2018. Hardcover. According to the book artist: "Ahmed Muhiddin Piri was one of the greatest admirals the Ottoman navy ever produced. He followed his uncle Kemal Reis into the Ottoman navy and quickly rose in what can only be called a swash-buckling career. He took part in every significant battle in the first half of the 16th century. During this, he found time to write one of the most complete and beautiful collections of maps and information ever published: the Kitab-i Bahriye, or The Book of the Sea. The Book of the Sea contained not only extremely accurate maps, but a wealth of detailed information about major ports, bays, gulfs, islands, and coastal cities of the Mediterranean Sea. His maps are filled with detail and color, palm trees and jewel-like cities, ships and rivers, and multi-colored mountain ranges. Even the compass roses show an endless imagination. I have chosen my favorites out of the hundreds that fill the Kitab-i Bahriye, and bound them in an Islamic binding of a brown and metallic copped lizard print with windows of a gold and turquoise paper that resembles the waves of the sea. There is a paper title on the front overlap and on the spine. The maps are printed on Monarch superfine paper." 106 pages. Size: 2 7/8 inches x 2 inches. Fine.

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