#Great Again #Believe Me. Karen Hanmer.

#Great Again #Believe Me

Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer, 2018. Number 21 of 30 copies. In this small but powerful work, Karen Hanmer offers a scathing look at what has been happening in the United States since January 2017. From Access Hollywood through the Mueller investigation to white nationalist support, #Great Again #Believe Me documents contemporary American personalities, pronouncements, slogans, scandals, policies and crimes, complemented by the metaphor of a deconstructing US Capitol. The text is printed in inkjet on binders' board with polypropylene and juxtaposed with black and white photos of the US Capitol as it was constructed, but shown in reverse order to seemingly deconstruct. The book is bound in the Jacob’s Ladder artists’ book structure, which is borrowed from a folk toy traditionally made of blocks of wood held together with ribbons. The structure is held from one end and allowed to dangle vertically. When the block being held is tilted, the remaining blocks flip over in succession, producing a cascading visual effect. Housed in clamshell of archival board. In fine condition. 21.5 x 2.5 x .125 inches extended; 3.5 x 2.5 x .75 inches closed. PRI/112818.

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