The Kraken. Carla Busquets.
The Kraken

The Kraken

Barcelona: Carla Busquets, 2018. A unique artists' book. Signed by the artist on the back of the last leaf. This one-of-a-kind book includes eight original drawings rendered in black ink on four folios mounted on five wooden dowels. The piano hinge structure is based on innovations by renowned book artist Hedi Kyle. Formerly a conservator in the UK, Canada, and Spain, Busquets, a skilled young paper artist, opened her own studio, la Frivé, last year where she hosts workshops for paper artists of all ages in addition to practicing her craft. In her artist's statement Busquets says: "I mostly work with paper. I love the versatility of the material, how easy it is to manipulate and also the skill required to turn it into delicate work... I use drawing and paper to explore the boundaries of book structures to to create a story. Imagining a picture that goes beyond the illustration with mobile and tri-dimensional parts as in pop-up books gives me new possibilities to transport the spectator." In this marvelous work Busquets depicts the fearsome Kraken, a legendary creature that resembled a giant squid and was known for destroying ships. Here its massive tentacles rise from the churning waves as it approaches a doomed ship. Drawn on Canson drawing paper mounted on five hand cut 5mm diameter bamboo dowels. Drawn with a Minsubishi Uni Pin black fine line with water and fade proof pigment ink. Size: 17cm x 12.5 cm x 3 cm. In fine condition. ARTISTSBOOK/032617. Fine.

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