Item #27921 Map of Lost Things (print). Susannah Horrom.

Map of Lost Things (print)

Towson, MD: Susannah Horrom, 2014. Paperback. Limited to 25 copies. Initialed and numbered by the artist. First trade edition. A detailed drawing of a creature that is filled with "lost things" such as keys, phones, pets, money, flashlights, time, weight, and even Atlantis. This drawing was created as part of a collaborative project sponsored by the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers. The first printing of this map was issued exclusively for other participants in the Atlas Project 2014 in an edition of 40. From the artist's statement: "I lose things all the time. I put down a pen, sewing needle, phone, etc. - turn my head for a second - and BAM - gone. Sometimes these mysterious disappearances are due to my clepto cats, but are largely inexplicable. What is taking my eyeglasses, spare change, flashlights, postage stamps, and half of my socks? My husband? Aliens? or more likely - a giant worm-dragon-monster that lives underground and sends up tentacles to steal my stuff..." This trade edition is inkjet printed on archival paper from the original pen and ink drawing. Includes card with artist's statement and brief biography. 8.5 inches x 21 inches. PRI/123114. Fine.

Item #27921

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